3rd AAPlab International Conference
"Surface Tension: K-Arts in the Hallyu Era"
February 22 - 24, 2024 University of Montreal

CFAS, Pavillon Lionel-Groulx, 3150, rue Jean-Brillant Montréal QC H3T 1N8

The current global fascination with Korean popular culture, known as the Korean Wave or Hallyu, has had a profound impact on worldwide cultural sectors, reminiscent of historical movements like the French New Wave and the British Invasion. Similar to these movements, the Hallyu blurs the boundaries between popular and contemporary arts. It has rapidly expanded globally, fueled by the rise of new social media platforms.

However, critics argue that the mainstream Korean Wave, driven by consumerism and emphasizing aesthetics, beauty, and appearance, primarily caters to privileged classes, contributing to the economic growth of related industries. Despite its glossy exterior, the Hallyu often neglects or silences underlying social, cultural, and environmental issues in Korea.

The AAPlab's third international conference, "Surface Tension: K-Arts in the Hallyu Era," will take place from February 22-24, 2024, at the University of Montreal.

The conference aims to explore both the positive and negative aspects of the Hallyu, echoing Korean film director Bong Joon-Ho's statement that creative works reflect violence in the world. It will investigate the blurred boundaries between pop and contemporary art, questioning the artistic visions challenging or resisting towards the mainstream-oriented "K" and their potential impact on the future world.

All events are free for those who fill out the conference registration form.

*The full programming guide PDF will be available for download on Feb. 15th.

Meet Our Keynote Speakers

soyoung kim

Filmmaker and artist, Professor of Cinema Studies at Korea National University of Arts in Seoul/ Director of Trans-Asia Screen Culture / Director of Exhibition: The Climate of Cinema: Isles, the Planet and Post-contact Zones (2023) at Museum of Contemporary Arts, Busan(MOCA), Founding Program Director of Seoul International Women’s Film Festival, Founding Co-Programmer of the Jeonju International Film Festival. 

Film and Installation arts: Exile Trilogy (2014-2019), Women’s History Trilogy (2000-2004), Heart of snow afterlife (2017), AnaInn: Harvesting Light (2022) to mention a few. 

Korean Cinema in Global Contexts: Postcolonial Phantom, Blockbuster, Trans-Cinema, Amsterdam University Press. 2022.

Geo-Spatiality in Asian and Oceanic Literature and Cultures: Worlding Asia in the Anthropocene, Co-edited by Rob Wilson, Soyoung Kim and Serena Chou. Palgrave McMillian Press, 2022.

shin dong kim

Shin Dong Kim is a professor at the Media School and the director of the Institute for Convergence Culture, Hallym University, Korea. He is elected as the president of the Korean Association for Public Diplomacy for 2025. Dr. Kim is the Editor-in-Chief of the Korean Social Science Journal which is the flagship academic journal of the Korean Social Science Council. KSSC is an association of fifteen national academic associations in social sciences and management studies. Throughout his professional career, Dr. Kim has been an active advocate and innovator for the globalization of higher education. His area of research and teaching covers culture and creative industries, media policy and political economy, global communications, and film studies. He has recently managed a five-year national research project on modeling Korea's ICT developments. He is currently working on the impact of narratives and narration in human communication. Dr. Kim has been invited to teach at many universities globally including Dartmouth College, Sciences Po Paris, Peking University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of the Philippines, Shanghai University, etc. Dr. Kim earned his Ph.D. from Indiana University in Mass Communications, and M.A. and B.A. from Korea University.

Hybrid ZOOM Participation

  • All panel presentations will be accessible via online streaming through Zoom.
    For remote participation, kindly reach out to us at asianartpublicationlab@gmail.com.
    The Zoom link will be shared via email 1-2 hours before our first panel discussion, which commences on February 23rd at 9:30 am (EST).


University of Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Carrefour des Arts et des Sciences (CFAS), Pavillon Lionel-Groulx, 3150, rue Jean-Brillant Montréal QC H3T 1N8

(Métro: Côte-des-Neiges)

  • Hallyu K-Camp (HKC) - Thurs. Feb. 22: Room TBA
  • Opening Reception - Thurs. Feb. 22, 6:00PM to 8:30PM: Room C-2081 at CFAS
  • Panel 1, 2, 3 - Fri. Feb. 23, 9:00AM to 5:00PM: Room C-1017-02 at CFAS
  • Panel 4 and Book-Talks - Sat. Feb. 24, 9:00AM to 3:00PM: Room C-1017-02 at CFAS

Dazibao Gallery
5455, de Gaspé Avenue, suite 109 (GF) Montréal QC Canada H2T 3B3

(Métro: Laurier)

  • In-Person Film and Media Art Screenings - Sat. Feb. 24, 5:30PM to 9:30PM: Dazibao Gallery

Arts East-West Website for Online Events

Daily Schedule

day 1. thursday, feb 22nd

  • 10h30 - 11h00 Hallyu K-Camp (HKC) Inter-University’s pre-conference desk opens 
  • 11h00 - 12h00 HKC Student Panel 1: K-Arts in the Hallyu Era 
  • 12h00 - 13h00 Lunch Break
  • 13h00 - 14h00 HKC Student Panel 2: K-Arts in the Hallyu Era 
  • 14h00 - 16h00 K-pop Dance Workshop by Krossline Dance Studio 

Official Conference

18h00 - 20h30 Opening Reception, the 3rd AAPlab’s international conference

ROOM: C-2081 at Carrefour des Arts et des Sciences (CFAS)

  • 18h00 - 18h30 Welcome Words by Gabriel Fauvaud, Mi-Jeong Lee and more 
  • 18h30 - 18h50 Korean Tea Tasting by Lamia El Kalai, Tea Sommelier 
  • 18h50 - 19h10 Keynote Speaker Opening Remarks on the AAPlab’s international conference by Soyoung Kim and Shin Dong Kim: K-Arts in Hallyu
    Accompanying art Exhibitions:
    - Ana Inn: Harvesting Light (2024, media arts) by Soyoung Kim
    - Reimagined K-Arts and Hallyu, Student drawing exhibition

*During the opening reception, a few exhibitions will be accompanied in the room. Refreshments will be served (Space is limited. R.S.V.P. by Feb. 20).

day 2. Friday, Feb. 23rd from 9:00AM to 5:50PM

ROOM: C-1017-02 at Carrefour des Arts et des Sciences (CFAS)

  • 09h00 - 09h30 Reception desk in person opens
  • 09h30 - 10h10 Keynote speaker: Shin Dong Kim
  • 10h10 - 12h00 PANEL 1: K-Art History: Cinema and Hallyu

DISCUSSANT: Shin Dong Kim, Professor, Hallym University

  • Christina Klein (Boston College, Boston): “The Secret History of Hallyu: K-pop, Fine Arts, and Korean Soft Power”.
  • Beckie Cormier (Yonsei University, Seoul): “Colonial film industry in Korea: hybridity between entertainment and enlightenment purposes”.
  • Charlotte Hammond (Edinburgh University, Edinburgh): “Intragenerational Trauma: Legacy of the Japanese Occupation of Korea 1910-1945 in contemporary South Korean popular culture”.
  • ONLINE (10 mins): CedarBough T. Saeji (Pusan National University, Busan): “KPop and Image of Hallyu through Hanbok”.
  • ONLINE (10 mins): Sara Muñoz Bautista (University of Madrid, Madrid): “The Future of K-Dramas in the Face Netflix's Global Success"
  • 12h00 - 13h00 Lunch Break
  • 13h00 - 13h40 Keynote speaker: Soyoung Kim
  • 13h50 - 15h40 PANEL 2: K-Poetics of Aesthetics: Music, New Media, Network
        DISCUSSANT: Victoria-Oana-Lupascu, Professor, University of Montreal
  • Heui-tae Park (Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul): “An attempt to redefine sustainable cinema in the era of new media – through the recent creations of Hong Sang-soo” (Presentation in French)
  • Sue Yeogeun Kim (Kyungpook University, Daegu): “To connect with image and sound in a music video, Daechwita”.
  • ONLINE (10 mins): Elena Khokhlova (HSE University, Moscow): “Kim Nam-Joon, the Miracle Worker: BTS and new opportunities for popularization of Korean art”.
  • ONLINE (10 mins): Gabriel Remy-Handfield (Australian National University, Canberra): “Performing K-Pop in the Digital Realm: Dance, Movement, and the Pop Cultural Imagination in LuYang’s Doku: Mind Matrix”.
  • Kristine Dizon (Université du Québec à Montréal, Montreal): “Global Soundscapes: Poetic-Musical Expressions in Korean Arts during the Hallyu Era”.
  • 15h50 - 17h40 PANEL 3: K-Aesthetics of Traumas

DISCUSSANT: Victoria-Oana-Lupascu, Professor, University of Montreal

  • Emilie Tullio (Université de Montréal, Montreal): “The various faces of Saemangeum in K-arts”.
  • Eunhee Park (University of Chicago, Chicago): “Organ Trade and Necropolitics in Squid Game (2021)”.
  • Soonyoung Lee (Bard College, New York City): “Selling Hell-Joseon: Dystopian Korea in Netflix K-dramas”.
  • ONLINE (10 mins): Tae Song (University of Glasgow, Glasgow): “Han born in 1986: Colonialism, Political Corruption, and the Intergenerational Trauma of Korean Millennials”.
  • ONLINE (10 mins): Hong KAL (York University, Toronto): “Industrial Deaths, Traumas, and Popular Culture”.

Day 3. Saturday, Feb. 24th from 9:00AM - 3:00PM

ROOM: C-1017-02 at Carrefour des Arts et des Sciences (CFAS)

  • 09h00 - 09h30 Reception desk in person opens
  • 09h30 - 11h30 PANEL 4: K outside Korea

DISCUSSANT: Livia Monnet, Professor, University of Montreal

  • Monika Mehta (State University of New York, New York): “Neoliberal Streaming  State, Hallyu and Fans”.
  • Nanxin Fu (Université de Montréal, Montreal): “History of Hallyu in China: From the 1990s to Today”. (Presentation in French) 
  • ONLINE (10 mins): Min-Jeong Kim (Independent Artist, Toronto) “Mountain Gods Have Disappeared: K-Animism, Contemporary Art, and Ecological Crisis”.
  • ONLINE (10 mins): Santosh Kumar Ranjan (Jawaharlal Nehru University,New Delhi): “Resonating Hallyu: Exploring Korean Popular Culture as an Intercultural Insight in India”.
  • ONLINE (10 mins): Mohd Bilal (Jawaharlal Nehru University,New Delhi): “Hallyu's Influence on Indian Beauty Perceptions”.
  • Jiyoung Lee (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul): “Network-Image on Hallyu: Active Spectators and their Participation”. 
  • 11h30 - 12h20 Wrapping up discussion including Keynote speakers remarks
  • 12h20 - 13h30 Lunch Break
  • 13h30 - 14h30 Meet The Authors: Book Talk and Publication Showcase

Day 3-1. Saturday, Feb. 24th. from 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Film and Media arts screenings at Dazibao (all events are free)

In-person at Dazibao:

  • 18h00- 18h50 Media art and artist-talks

Mul Maeum (2022). Media Arts. 30:48 mins. by Jin-me Yoon, Vancouver based Korean-Canadian media artist. Followed by reading passages from her books.

  • 19h00-21h30 Films

70 years of Korean International Adoption (2023). Short Documentary. Canada. by Kimura Byol Lemoine, a multidisciplinary Korean-Japanese-Swedish and Canadian- artist. Followed by the artist's talk.

Big Fight in Little Chinatown (2022). Documentary, Canada. by Karen Cho. Followed by conversation with the artist, moderated by Mei Chou, social activist.

Online screening:

Time of Seeds (2022) by Seol Suan

Genre: Documentary; Country: Korea; Original dialogue: Korean; Subtitle: English

Free access to watch the film available starting from 9 AM, Feb. 15 midnight to Feb 25, 2024 (EST), Canada only:



Shin Dong Kim

Hallym University, Chuncheon, South Korea

Livia Monnet

University of Montreal, Montreal, Canada

Jung Bong Choi

Critics and Writer, Kyoto, Japan

Victoria-Oana Lupascu

University of Montreal, Montreal, Canada


KPop and Image of Hallyu through Hanbok

CedarBough T. Saeji ∞ 서이지 ● 瑞利智

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